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    Post  juiceboxx20@yahoo,com on Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:25 am

    ign : Rapture
    Name : Travis
    Age : 18
    Location : California
    Picture : Email me @ Juiceboxx20@yahoo.com for it
    Questions / Others :

    1. Why are you applying?
    I'm applying for the position of a standard Game Master

    2. Did any GMs or Admins tell you to apply?

    3. How much are you familiar with the structure of DahStory?
    Pretty familiar

    4. How long have you been playing this server?
    a little

    5. How do you feel about this server and how will you improve it?
    I will enforce all the required rules of play and help create a safe and friendly server for all to enjoy

    6. How would you handle a hacking situation?
    I would observe discretely if the user is indeed hacking then proceed with the necessary punishments of violating the terms of service

    7. What does being GM mean to you?
    Being a GM means being responsible for your fellow players and to help them if that have questions or requests and even someone to talk to. A GM is there to protect and serve the server and its players Very Happy

    8. Do you know any of the GMs or Admins?
    Not familiarly

    9. What events can you host? Or even better, can you make new ones?
    I love the silver and gold slime ones, the jump quests are also fun. I think we should include a DahStory World Race, a Race through out the maps in DahStory, from like Hen to Elinia to Perion to Kern back to Hen. We could also include pop quiz events and maybe even skill tests like seeing who can kill as many such and such's faster.

    10. Do you have EXPERIENCE in the position which you are applying for or even others positions? If so please state the server(s) and your positions(s).
    I have been a GM on Objection MS (a small server) and CityMS (a medium server). I applied for the job of Coder and went through 2days of training when that server got the Nexon Notice (BunnyMS)

    11. Tell us more about yourself.
    Im usually online from like... 2:30 pm (pacific time) to like 5:00pm and on and off from 5:00pm to midnight, maybe even later.
    12. Last words ? I love art. I could help make a banner or some things for the server.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply Very Happy

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    Post  DinosGoMoo on Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:55 pm

    Good job (:

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