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    Post  xMistuhEthan on Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:39 pm

    Welcome to DahStory! Where its The Story? o.o
    First of all i would like to start out with our rules.
    All members of DahStory must follow these rules ingame and in our forum.
    If any of you break any rule. It doesn't matter how small it is. You will be terminated from DahStory. (I-P Ban?)

    We will not tolerate with hacking. THIS IS A NO HACKING SERVER. YOU WANT TO HACK? (Actually i got nothing.) Well, you will be banned.

    No scamming? That's kind of dumb. Who would even scam in a "PRIVATE" Server??

    Do not argue with GMs.
    What ever GMs say. Listen to them.

    No Advertising Other Servers or Advertise anything because you will be ip banned right away.

    No Spamming any Smoke or Gas anywhere. Depending how bad it is. We will either ban you or give you a warning.

    That's about it. O.o
    Hope you enjoy DahStory!
    (This is one of the shortest Rule Announcement,ever)


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